The Secret To Designer Kutomi’s 200% Increase In Productivity Is?

Jan 31, 2020

Due to the nature of her work, Kutomi exchanges a variety of files with external partners and clients.
As a designer she deals with a lot of large files, it usually takes her a long time to divide, compress, and upload her files whenever she has to send them.

Although she has tried other file transfer services, she found them inefficient as they were sent through unidentifiable email address that kept ending up in spam. She had to keep checking whether her recipients had correctly received her mail, and this was breaking up her workflow.

However, since using Sendy,

1. Time Saving

With just one or two clicks, she can upload a file no matter its size, type, or number.

2. Perfectly Compatible

Because she can send files with your personal or company email, she no longer needed to worry whether the file ends up in spam or worry that the recipient has not received the file.

3. Increased Productivity

By saving time and not concerning herself with sending and sharing files, she could concentrate on other important tasks

4. High Security

Since passwords can be set for each file, she could safely transfer highly sensitive files without a worry.

5. Fast Communication

Because she can leave a comment for each link, she could communicate much faster than she could through email.

If you frequently share many large files with external partners or clients, try Sendy!

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