Introduction of Sendy Business, Uki Uki

Jun 18, 2021

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④ E-commerce

Ukiuki is a premium cat product company that specializes in researching and developing healthy food and various lifestyle items for cats while leading the change in the perception of cats on the road.

<Before using Sendy Business>

I usually used NAS and external hard drives inside the company, but it was inconvenient because I couldn't carry external hard drives all the time, and sometimes the connection of NAS was cut off. Also, I had a hard time because I forgot to carry it outside while using USB. It was inconvenient because the file sharing was not smooth when I was working from home. Due to the nature of our E-commerce work, we deal with high-definition photos, and other services got slow when trying to send high definition photos at once.

<Introduction Background of Sendy Business>

NAS need a program to connect, and external hard drives were too inconvenient to carry, so I tried to use cloud services. We needed a cloud with high accessibility and capacity because it was easy to access anytime, anywhere, and not difficult to carry around the device.

I chose Sendy because it is easily accessible through mobile applications or PC sites, and because I can share my work files with my company employees right away. The huge 3TB capacity was also attractive. In addition, we used Sendy because it can be transferred up to 50GB at once and it is unique in speed.

<After using Sendy Business>

  1. Convenient accessibility: You don't have to carry a USB, and you don't have to connect and attach external devices every time you send files by email. Sendy can be easily used on PCs and mobile, making it really easy to work. Once, I made a lecture material, and I was very embarrassed because I put the previous version on USB, but after using Sendy, I was able to access the latest file, so I'm getting a lot of help from my work.

  2. Work from home: Sharing files with employees is easy when working from home. You can reduce work load by uploading and checking files right away with team members without physical devices or special programs. You can keep your data safe as you can back it up and search for it anytime, anywhere even on a business trip.
  3. High-speed file transfers: Uploading or transferring large amounts of photos at once often becomes large in capacity, even in those cases, Sendy helps to reduce working hours by uploading and transferring rapidly. Selecting a file without having to compress and creates a link. All I have to do is sharing that link, making it simple.

It was a great pleasure to have a lot of feedback from Ukiuki, a client of Sendy Business. If you have difficulty using a NAS or external hard drive like Ukiuki, try relieving stress and raising work efficiency with Sendy Business. Once again, we would like to thank the Ukiuki staff for their cooperation. Also, we will continue to improve our service based on the valuable feedback.

Sendy Business has received favorable evaluations overwhelmingly in speed, such as faster file uploads, downloads, and transfers. It highly contributed to reducing work time and increasing work efficiency of our clients.

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