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Jun 4, 2021

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Sendy Business

IMDpharm is a global No.1 research and development company that leads the development of treatments for incurable diseases and improvements in quality of life. IMDpharm is a drug development company that specializes in improving the absorption rate of insoluble drugs, Extended-Release preparations, Long-acting Injection technology, and disease-target nanoparticle technology, and recently, cooperating with Kukjeon drug company to develop Corona-19 medicine.

<Before using Sendy Business>

IMDpharm's many pharmaceutical files, including research materials, were not in control and needed to be categorized according to the types of products covered. There are ways to store files on a NAS or external hard drive, but employees who need access to files are often unable or hard to access them from the outside due to business trip or outside duty. And had a problem sharing critical business files when doing work file backups.

<Introduction background of Sendy Business>

Because we had to categorize and organize the many pharmaceutical files we had, we needed a solution (cloud) that was as simple as possible to use, large storage capacity, and affordable.

Sendy can categorize by folder and upload speed is quick, making file organization and continuous management simple. Additionally, Sendy provides 3TB of cloud storage per person, allowing them to upload and organize their work files relaxed, free from the capacity constraints they can easily experience with other existing services. In addition, when accessing from the outside, Sendy, which supports a variety of devices that are not restricted by time and place, was considered the most appropriate.

<After using Sendy Business>

  1. Excellent accessibility & back up : Business files were not backed up well due to frequent business trips by the people in charge, but after using Sendy Business, it became very convenient to search for files and back up and manage them even when people in charge are away. In addition, it is possible to access Sendy in real time while on a business trip or outside duty, making it easier to respond to external business.
  2. Simple operation: File upload is easy, which greatly reduced the time to organize and manage work files. Previously, it took a lot of time to manage files when finding and back up files which was scattered here and there, but with Sendy, the stress on file management has been greatly reduced.

It was a great pleasure to have a lot of feedback from IMDpharm, a client of Sendy Business. If you have difficulty managing files like IMDpharm, try relieving stress and raising work efficiency with Sendy Business. Once again, we would like to thank the IMDpharm staff for their cooperation. Also, we will continue to improve our service based on the valuable feedback.

Sendy Business has received favorable evaluations overwhelmingly in speed, such as faster file uploads, downloads, and transfers. It highly contributed to reducing work time and increasing work efficiency of our clients.

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