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Jun 25, 2021

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Sendy Business

AlphaMix mainly develops and produces medical devices such as medical lasers and phototherapy devices. It is also a research institute that develops medical devices and 3D printer materials/products that are contributing to localizing domestic medical devices that have been largely dependent on imports.

<Before using Sendy Business>

As we work with other companies to develop products, we were looking for a tool that can easily share large 3D files with other companies. It was difficult to find a suitable service because 3D files have a large capacity and various file types.

<Introduction Background of Sendy Business>

Collaboration with other companies as well as others is important for material development, and smooth data sharing plays an important role in the process. Sendy was able to transfer all files regardless of file type and send and receive hundreds of files without any problems, so we chose Sendy for cooperation. In addition to the transfer function, the "share" function, which allows you to share files and folders from the cloud, was easy to send and receive large files and set permissions, making it easier to use. Also, I was looking for the best service in terms of speed, and I chose Sendy as it is the most suitable one.

<After using Sendy Business>

  1. Fast speed, rich capacity: It used to take a long time to save 3D files, modify, edit, and convert them into formats for application to various 3D programs, as we used external storage devices. Also, there was the hassle of deleting it when the capacity was full. Sendy simplified the above tasks with fast uploads and reduced the hassle of deleting them with a lot of capacity. We are planning to work on not only image files but also 3D videos, and we think we will get a lot of help from Sendy.
  2. Excellent accessibility: Due to frequent business trips, we need to use 3D file work anywhere, and with Sendy, it is possible to manage large files in one place, making it more accessible.

It was a great pleasure to have a lot of feedback from Alpha Mix, a client of Sendy Business. If you have difficulty managing and sending/saving large files like Alpha Mix, try relieving stress and raising work efficiency with Sendy Business. Once again, we would like to thank the Alpha Mix staff for their cooperation. Also, we will continue to improve our service based on the valuable feedback.

Sendy Business has received favorable evaluations overwhelmingly in speed, such as faster file uploads, downloads, and transfers. It highly contributed to reducing work time and increasing work efficiency of our clients.

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