How to use Rakuten Drive Transfer

Aug 23, 2021

Rakuten Drive is providing high-speed transfer of large files accumulated through  Send Anywhere over the years with the cloud. Rakuten Drive Transfer is easy to use with simple screens and intuitive configurations! Today, we'll learn more about how to use this transfer function.

Transfer via email

step 1. Select or drag&drop the file you want to transfer. (you can also select files from the cloud) You can send up to 10GB with Free plan, 50GB with PRO and Business plan.

step 2. Enter the email address. You can transfer to 10 people at a time.

step 3. Set expiration date and passwords. (this is optional)
You can also use ‘Save to Rakuten Drive Cloud’ and ‘Comment’ feature at your convenience.

step 4. If you see the check mark, it’s all done!

step 1. Select the file from the cloud. (you can also select or drag&drop files from the PC) You can send up to 10GB with Free plan, 50GB with PRO and Business plan.

step 2. Leave the email blank and set the expiration date and password. (this is optional)

step 3. Turn on the ‘Save to Rakuten Drive Cloud’ and save files to my cloud!

step 4. Transfer starts with Send button!

step 5. Click the link below to automatically copy it. Share the link via email or SNS!

step 1. Click My Link menu from Transfer.

step 2. Choose the Link to manage!

step 3. The expiration date can be modified (Free plan is given 48 hours, PRO and Business can be set up to a month).

step 4. If you didn't set the password, you can also set the password! You can change and cancel the password, so please set it freely!

Share your videos, photos and documents more easily and quickly with Rakuten Drive Transfer!

If you are not enough of 10GB transfers, enjoy more upgraded features with Rakuten Drive PRO, Sendy Business!

Best for large file transfers, Rakuten Drive!