Use Zip Format and Make File Transfer Simple with Sendy

Dec 4, 2020

About zip file format

Transmitting files in zip format is widely used by companies around the world. Windows and MacOS, as well as smartphones, have built-in zip compression and decompression features. The zip format is the right feature for your business because you can transfer files quickly and efficiently.

The benefits of the zip format

Specifically, the benefits of the zip format are:

1. You can compress large files into ‘reversible' forms that can be returned to their original state.
2. It can be transmitted faster than usual because it is compressed.
3. Multiple files can be transmitted at once.
4. You can set your password.

There are disadvantages as well.

The disadvantages of the zip format

Haven't you ever seen the following phenomenon while exchanging files in zip format?

1. File compression and decompression steps are required.
2. The incompatibility of zip files between Mac⇄Windows may lead to broken letters.
3. Dedicated software must be downloaded according to devices such as smartphones and operating systems (OS).
4. Security issues arise due to mistakes in setting passwords, missending passwords, etc.

How to address the disadvantages of zip format

In order to use the zip format more comfortably, you need to address these disadvantages.

Sendy offers zip file transfer services, remedying the disadvantages but still leaving the advantages.

Features of Sendy

1. When you upload a file, it automatically compresses. Recipients can choose between zip format and individual file downloads
2. No worries about broken letters between Mac⇄Windows
3. Automatically compress and download files when transferring from smartphones.
4. Password email arrives automatically after a few seconds of file transfer.

Use Zip Format and Make File Transfer Simple with Sendy

Sendy continues to develop features that are appropriate for business situations.

Sendy responds to every user's environment to develop business conveniences as well as secure and fast transfer.

Use Zip Format and Make File Transfer Simple with Sendy