Sendy, the official partner of the government's non-contact voucher business!

Jan 8, 2021

Sendy has been selected as the official partner of the non-contact voucher business.

What is the non-contact voucher business?

The Korean government currently promotes the introduction and utilization of non-contact digital services provided by small and medium venture companies.

Due to the Corona virus's influence, working online and non-contact has been rapidly progressing. While promoting a non-contact working environment as a "non-contact service voucher project, as known as K-voucher," the government is also providing growth opportunities for early-stage companies. This K-voucher business is designed to enhance the non-contact experience by fostering services such as cloud, collaboration tools, security solutions, video conferencing, Etc. that facilitate the digitization of industry and actively supporting the adoption of services by small and medium venture companies.

The government supports 90% of the solution cost within KRW 4M (approx. $4,000), and the consumer companies can use all the functions of the solution at the cost of 10% (up to KRW 400,000, approx. $400).

Sendy has been selected as a support partner of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups!

Sendy has been selected as the official partner of the K-voucher business, which is only available to small and medium-sized enterprises that can be trusted.

Small and medium venture companies will use Sendy Business's large file transfer and cloud capabilities.

Sendy Business functions

  • 3TB cloud space ☁️
  • Upload unlimited files?
  • Team Member Management and Monitoring ?
  • Large file transfers at incomparable speeds?
  • High-speed file transfer through various media such as mail?, Slack, and Link?
  • Share and Save Files easily with Chrome Extension

Through this voucher business, many client companies are using Sendy Business and are widely used in various industries, including IT, design, pharmaceuticals, video production, advertising agencies, and event agencies.

The fact that 3,413 companies applied for the project and that Sendy was selected after strict document screening by the government means that the government has guaranteed Sendy's technology and demand.

Sendy will continue to put the expertise and technology to improve.

Sendy is the official support partner of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups!