Sendy Free User Survey

Mar 31, 2021

Last February, Sendy conducted a user survey on Free users.

The survey was to listen to Sendy users' opinions on why they use Sendy, their characteristics, how satisfied they feel, and development areas Sendy needs to grow in the future.

1,637 free users responded to the survey. Through their responses, we will introduce Sendy users' characteristics and the parts they talked about Sendy.

1. Who are the Sendy users?

Sendy users have mainly been located in Japan > Korea > America … etc., and Japanese users were the largest.

In terms of population distribution, 81.6% of users were female, and 17.4% were male. And by age, 63% of those were under 24 years of age, and 27% were over 24 years of age. The usage of early 20s young women was higher than other groups.

Sendy has more than 80% female users, especially young women

2. How did Sendy users get to know Sendy?

45% of users started using Sendy through SNS such as Twitter, and 24% said they were recommended by friends and colleagues.

Many users who are using Sendy were actively spreading Sendy through SNS. Through word of mouth, the popularity and use of Sendy among young people are increasing day by day.

The opportunity to use Sendy is from SNS such as Twitter

3. What were the purposes of using Sendy?

48% of users said they use Sendy for "hobby activities such as photography, music, movies, and entertainers." In comparison, 34% said they use it to "share data with acquaintances such as friends and family." In the past, we used to share images such as photos. Still, in recent years, we've seen many high-definition video sharing. The size of files we are dealing with is getting bigger and bigger. That's why the need for tools that enable you to transfer easily and quickly and share large files grows day by day. In that sense, we could see that Sendy relieves these users' concerns and allows them to send and receive large files comfortably between individuals and for business use.

We also noticed that they were using Sendy for data transfer between other OS and devices. We found that users were transmitting files between devices smoothly through Sendy as there were still many users who had difficulty transferring between OS and devices.

47% of Sendy users use it for hobby activities such as photography, music, movies and entertainers

4. Why do these users talk about Sendy on SNS and like it?

Overall, about 80 percent of users were very satisfied with Sendy.

80% of Sendy users show high satisfaction

Most of the reasons were the ease of use, transfer and download speed, making transferring large files fast and straightforward. So many people showed a great deal of satisfaction to Sendy's rate. We could see that users were looking for a service that could send the large file at once, with high-speed. And Sendy was the service, so users were satisfied with us.

Sendy users show high satisfaction with Sendy transfer speed

Other comments included the following.

  • Even if you don't know other contact addresses, you can send pictures or videos via URL. It's convenient to use on the iPhone as well.
  • Getting emails about the status telling "File is sent/downloaded to the opponent" was relieving. This is a system that is easy to use and has reasonable consideration for users.
  • File transfers are smooth between different devices such as Android and iPhone.
  • It is used for transferring video work and is excellent in speed and stability.
  • You can also use it with people abroad.
  • Uploads/downloads are faster than other services.
  • It is convenient to exchange not only photos and videos but also documents.

The results of the survey show that

As the Internet and smartphones are rapidly evolving and their penetration rate is sharply increasing, the need for high-definition, high-capacity files and data, primarily through the younger generation, is inevitably rising. We found out that Sendy was chosen by users as a service that meets these needs.

With a wide range of devices, Sendy can preserve and share data in the cloud anytime, anywhere and transfer large files at an overwhelming speed than competitors.

Through the survey, Sendy users highly evaluated Sendy's unique high-speed transfer. They demonstrated that new inflows are fast through positive reviews that inform Sendy's usefulness and excellence on SNS.

Also, we could see that the introduced users were switching to Sendy PRO, a paid version of Sendy, after experiencing the usefulness of Sendy personally.

Sendy strives to apply various situational functions, such as personal, business, and enterprise, to suit these users' use levels. Sendy will continue to play a role in raising the global standard of data transfer.

Experience Sendy with Sendy Free.

You can also experience overwhelming speed.

Sendy is capable of high-speed data transfer and large file transfer