How to use Rakuten Drive Cloud

Aug 30, 2021

The Rakuten Drive Cloud, which works in connection with the Transfer functionality showing off its convenient features! Let's take a look at the menus and features that can be useful when handling files and folders within the Rakuten Drive Cloud. Let's take a look at the various features of the cloud that allow you to save files as well as share files and comment.

Rename & Preview feature

step 1. Click file/folder upload menu to upload on My Cloud

step 2. You can see the checkbox if you put the cursor to the left of the file/folder. When you check, various menus appear on the right and you can modify the name.

step 3. Modify the name as you want!

step 4. The image or video file can be previewed on the web/app!

Transfer files saved on Cloud

step 1. Check the file you want to transfer

step 2. Tab on ‘Send via Rakuten Drive’ on the right side

step 3. Tab on ‘Send’ and link is created!

Search & See Recent Files

Search : Search for the file/folder name in the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to find the file you want.

See recent files : You can find the most recently uploaded file in the 'Recent Items' menu on the left.

Share folder & Set Authority

step 1. Check the checkbox of the folder you want to share and click 'Share' on the right

step 2. Enter the email address of the share recipient and set authority. You can also choose to create and share links instead of entering email addresses!
(The authorities are ‘can see/download/upload/edit’.)

step 3. Recipients can accept the share via email and view it on Rakuten Drive's 'Shared With Me' menu.

Comment Feature

step 1. Check the checkbox of the file you want to leave comments on and click 'Write a Comment' on the right

step 2. Leave comment to communicate!

Manage your files with Rakuten Drive's various cloud features. In addition to file saving, you can effectively manage your work files by sharing, sending, and exchanging comments. With Rakuten Drive's triple security, you can manage your files more securely, and you can use them with ease by setting the expiration date and password when sharing.

Free accounts are available up to 10GB. If you're short of 10GB, upgrade to PRO plan and experience 1TB of rich capacity. Business plan is available at 3TB per person.

The Rakuten Drive Business, which is specialized in managing work files, comes with team drives for more efficiency.

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