Introduction of Sendy Cloud

Feb 19, 2021

With the Sendy Cloud, you can easily and safely transfer, share, and manage large files in various formats.

Cloud Capacity

  • Sendy Free: up to 10GB
  • Sendy PRO: 1TB
  • Sendy Business: 3TB

You can select the capacity just right for your purpose and use Sendy!

My Drive

You can freely upload, download, and share files on My Drive in the cloud.

You can use it on computers, smartphones, tablet PCs, etc., so you can access Sendy anytime, anywhere. Sharing allows other users to view/download/leave comments on files, etc. so that you can use it efficiently when sharing files at work. Folders shared by third parties are organized and viewed from the "Shared With Me" menu.

Transfer Folders from Cloud

You can use transfer if you only want to send the file once or if you don't want to use the sharing feature. You can transfer files in the cloud directly to a third party without downloading them to your devices. The transfer history can be viewed and managed by the My Link menu in Sendy Transfer. Because links can be copied and used multiple times, you can reduce the repeating process of creating new links each time. Manage your files efficiently with Sendy, highly compatible between transfer and cloud.

Manage Folders

When there are many files or folders stored, and the cloud becomes more complex, you can easily organize and clean up space by moving folders/files. You can also move files that you can access from the "Shared With Me" to your My Drive.

When you browse for a file, you can easily find it by searching the file's title, and you can categorize it into the file format to find or organize the files. The latest files are classified separately as "Recent," which shortens your search time.

File Access Control Feature

If you share folders in the cloud, you can set four permissions: View/Upload/Download/Edit by entering an email address or sending an invitation link to the shareholder to share the folder. These invitees can participate in the folder from the time they click "Allow" in the shared link so that they can share the folder with the consent of both parties. This shared link can set up such as password, expiration date, and change of authority after sharing, so you can share files safely.

Comment Feature

If you need to share feedback on the files in the folder, you can use the Comment feature. For example, if you need to exchange ideas with a designer about creatives, you can check the file and write your feedback in the comment feature to share your opinions with the shareholders. You can also preview files to review and leave comments without downloading even videos, making you work faster.

Check out the outstanding features of Sendy with a free membership.