How to use Sendy Business

Sep 24, 2021

Sendy Business, which provides large file transfers and 3TB of rich cloud space, and in addition to personal cloud space, it is used as a work tool to increase work efficiency by adding team cloud and management console functions. Today, we will learn more about the various features of Sendy Business.

In Team Drive, access settings are available for each folder and team member, and files can be shared with various team members by deleting and adding team members. Also, manage your files more safely through team monitoring from Admin Console.

Create Team folder

(1) Create Team folder

1. Click [Create Team Folder] on the right side of Team Drive.

2. Enter a folder name.

3. Select an user access type and click [Apply] button to create a folder.

1) All shared folder: All team members have access to the folder and the scope of use is different depending on what has access.

- Manager: Manage files, team members, settings

- Editor: Can add, edit, delete move, copy.

- Collaborator: Can add, edit, copy

- Commenter: Can view and comment

- Viewer: Only can view the list from the folder (preview feature will be added soon)

2) Shared folder with specific team members: Only certain team members you select can access the folder.

3) Only me folder: Only you can access without sharing with your team members.

Manage Team folder

(2) Manage access by member

1. Select a shared folder to manage team members and click [Manage Access] on the right side of Team Drive.

2. You can see the list of team members who are currently sharing. You can change the access for each member or delete them.

(3)Share a team folder

* Sendy Business team members, as well as external Sendy users, can share by inviting them to the team folder.

1. Select a team folder you want to share and click [Share] on the right side of Team Drive.

2. Enter your email address, select permissions, and click [Share] at the bottom.

Invite and cancel team members to/from Team Drive

*Admin Console is only shown to the team administrator.

(4) Invite as individual

1. Click [Invite Member] on the top of the Manage Members.

2. Enter an email address of a member you want to invite and click [Invite Member] at the bottom.

(5) Invite multiple team members at once

1. Click [Import contact file] on the top of the Manage Members.

2. Click [Download Template] to download contact file(CSV file).

3. Write in the predefined format.

4. Drag and drop your file or Choose a file from your computer.

5. Click [Invite Member] at the bottom.

(6) Remove team members

1. Click the filter at the top of the Manage Members to change it to 'Active'.

2. Click 'More(3 dots)' at the right end of the member you want to remove from the list.

3. Click 'Delete member'. The team member will no longer have access to your Team Drive.

*About removing team members

1. Removed members will be changed to Sendy Free users and the account will be maintained.

2. Files stored in the team drive which belonged to removed members can be transferred to other team members (selectable) by the administrator.

3. Removed members' My Drive is the same as Sendy PRO->Free cancellation, and file sharing and uploading are not possible if the given storage is exceeded. All files in the cloud will be deleted collectively after 187 days from the end of the paid plan (see more on the help page) if the given storage is exceeded. But within the given storage, the files will be maintained.

(7) Team Monitoring

Team drive’s administrator can monitor the activity of team members.

Set the filter to check the activity history.

  • Period: Set start and end dates (search up to 365 days)
  • User: Search by name or email
  • User type: All, Members, External Participants
  • Detailed activities: Sharing, File activities, Passwords, Sign in, Team members, Team

Manage team profile and team information.

(8) Team profile

You can edit the team name.

You can upload your team logo so that it will appear on the header of Sendy.
(This logo will be shown when sending files via email)

(9) Team information

You can change your team's contact number.

You can set the default language that invited team members to see when they visit Sendy for the first time.

Maximize work efficiency through Sendy Business, which enables collaboration with a variety of functions. Team monitoring allows you to manage files more safely. Sendy Business, specialized in business file management, is used by companies in various industries. For more detailed reviews, please visit the link below.

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Meet Sendy Business, cloud with abundant capacity, file transfer, and secure file management.