Sendy Business interview - Event Design

Aug 1, 2021

The third category of the Sendy Business interview is “Event Design”. We will introduce the interview with Ibelli.

In the event design/marketing industry, abundant online storage is the key because various performance videos need to be backed up and managed. Let's take a closer look at how Sendy is being used in Ibeli.



Ibelli is an art organization meaning "Let's pursue beauty," and it is an event design company that plans and plays various genres of performances such as classical music, jazz, and Nanta.

Our company, which plans and plays performances, shares and manages performance videos. Based on the performance video, I always handle 4GB of file, so I had to split the files and compress them. Also, I had to upload or share performance videos once a week, but it took a long time and I had to pay attention to them every time.

However, after using Sendy, it became easy and convenient to share large files such as performance videos and various performance-related documents. In addition to sharing materials, it is convenient to check materials anytime, anywhere using the cloud for performance and video backup and performance storage.

Large files were also uploaded/downloaded/transferred quickly, significantly reducing stress on the job. The other services were difficult to use due to their complexity and limited capacity, but Sendy was the best in all of those parts especially in speed, improving work efficiency.

In an interview with a customer at Sendy Business, it was possible to give an example of how they are using Sendy. Once again, I would like to thank the officials for their cooperation. In addition, we will continue to improve our services based on your valuable opinions.

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Sendy Business has received favorable evaluations in overwhelming speed, such as faster file uploads, downloads, and transfers. It highly contributed to reducing work time and increasing work efficiency of our clients.

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