Sendy Business interview - Design

Jul 16, 2021

Sendy has conducted a survey and interview towards individual users and business users as introduced before. We would like to introduce the interview by industry which takes up a large share of Sendy Business users. Check out what were their difficulties before using Sendy and how they solved them!

Sendy is a cloud service combined with its own large file transfer technology accumulated through Send Anywhere. Served in various plans, and among those, Sendy Business is a Business cloud providing 3TB per person. You can also transfer large files up to 50GB at a time at high speed. With these characteristics, it is used as a work tool that increases work efficiency by transferring videos and various document files.


The first category is "Design" which is one of the largest share of Sendy Business customers. Among them, I would like to introduce the interview with Figs3D and Visual Maker.

In the design industry, the process of dealing with large files or exchanging opinions while working is essential. Let's hear what role Sendy is playing in these tasks.



3D modeling/course and architecture/civil engineering/product related bird's-eye view, perspective, and video production specialists for 3D printing

Our company mainly deals with 1GB to 10GB of files. We share the work files requested by the client within the team and proceed with the work through file sharing with the client company. What I always felt uncomfortable about was that existing services had significantly slower speeds and had many advertisements, and there were problems such as unreliable security. When I was looking for another service to solve this inconvenience, I met Sendy and I was able to solve the problems I had so far. As the Sendy Business offers a large cloud capacity of 3TB per person, it was easy to upload work to the team drive and share it with the team members. The ability to set permissions separately when sharing folders, and the password and expiration date settings when transferring files increase security when working with external clients, with giving them the right accessibility. Above all, I liked the part where I could transfer large files. When I shared large files such as 10GB, Sendy was able to send files at once at an overwhelming speed compared to other services, reducing work stress and saving time.

Visual Maker


A design and marketing total solution company that offers the best tailored solution for each company by providing services to a wide range of areas, including branding, video, shooting, editing design, studio, marketing, advertising, cultural planning, and one-man media.

Our company works with video, filming, editing design, studio, marketing, advertising, etc., and we needed a program to transfer/share the files because we produce content that takes up an average of 2 to 10GB of files. Sendy makes it possible to transfer large files at high speeds and to get a lot of help because it is fast to upload/download files within a rich cloud. File sharing between workers within the team became fast, which significantly speeds up operations. Before using Sendy, when I used to send final results to clients or files to external editors, often experienced inconvenience due to capacity limitations. However, when sending them by mail through Sendy, it can be sent up to 50GB, which can ease the inconvenience of capacity limitation and easily transfer the file.

We received these feedbacks from Sendy Business's client companies. Once again, we would like to thank for their cooperation. Also, we will continue to improve our service based on valuable opinions.

If you've been under a lot of stress from large file transfers in your design-related work, use Sendy Business to get rid of your stress and get your work efficient.

Sendy Business has received favorable evaluations in overwhelming speed, such as faster file uploads, downloads, and transfers. It highly contributed to reducing work time and increasing work efficiency of our clients.

Introduce business-specific Sendy Business and increase your business efficiency!

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