Send links via facebook messenger by Sendy

Dec 18, 2020

■ Status of social media usage

According to a survey conducted in 2020, 67% of messenger users in the US use Facebook. 37% use Instagram, 27% LinkedIn, 22% use Twitter and so on.

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram is very convenient to send chats, direct messages, emoticons, photos, and even videos. However, users are experiencing inconvenience due to restrictions on the length and file types of videos that can be sent.

■Video attachment limitation of each message app (as of November 2020)

  • Facebook messenger capacity is limited by 50 Mb
  • Twitter video length limitation 140 seconds

The DM on Twitter allows you to send videos for up to 140 seconds, just like a tweet post.(Downgrade in quality)

  • Instagram has 60 seconds limit when sending DMs.

DM on Instagram allows you to send up to 60 seconds of video.

Because of these limitations, when we want to transfer more high-definition, high-capacity files within our chat function, we need to use other services or apps.

■ Inconvenience of file transfer service

However, using the existing file transfer service on your smartphone could cause some inconveniences. You have to go through a minimum 7 steps of 1) Use  transfer service, 2) upload the file you want to send, 3) create a link, 4) copy the link, 5) move to the chat app screen, 6) paste the link, 7) and finally send. There will be also difficulty in downloading or decompressing the zip file after receiving it.

■With Sendy, directly send in step 2 via Facebook Messenger

Sandy can transfer files from a browser and a smartphone application, and has reduced the procedure to the utmost.

1) Create a link immediately after selecting device data

2) After creating a link, press the Share button and select Facebook Messenger

How to easily attach a link on Messenger with Sendy

Sendy is designed to reduce the hassle of copying and pasting and make it easier to get things done within the app. You can send links directly via Facebook Messenger/Instagram/Twitter as well as other apps. With up to 50GB of transfer capacity, any file can be sent and received faster than any other company with high-speed transfers and downloads. PC-to-smartphone compatibility helps you respond to business situations, so you don't have to struggle with downloads.

The function of a smartphone is important not only for "functionality" and "convenience," but also for "comfort" which means it is easy to use among various applications. Sendy offers features that help to ease small discomforts and make the conversation easier.

Send links via facebook messenger by Sendy