Safe file management, Sendy!

Nov 12, 2021

Security is the most worrisome thing when storing private photos or sending or sharing work files. What if important photos are leaked? What if the confidential documents leak out? You've been worried about it at least once. To address these concerns, Sendy is striving to strengthen its security devices so that you can use them without these worries.

  1. Encryption during transferring

1) TLS encrypts* data transmitted over the web to provide high privacy.
2) This encrypted data is mixed with unreadable characters and cannot be decrypted.
3) An authentication process is performed between the two devices to ensure that both sending and receiving devices are real.
4) To provide data integrity*, digital signatures are used to verify that data has not been tampered with before reaching the receiving device (receiver).

* TLS encryption : A method of securely transmitting data so that it cannot be stolen during transmission through https security
* Data integrity : maintaining accuracy, consistency, and validity of data (to check whether there is a virus in the file or not)

2.  File storage encryption

1) Encrypt each file to prevent leakage of stored files.
2) Most security issues arising from cloud servers are leaked due to server hacking, administrator mistakes, or intentions.
3) By AES 256 encryption*, the contents of the file cannot be viewed even if the server is hacked or leaked by the administrator.

* AES 256 Encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard): An encryption method with a length of 256 bits, with the longest encryption key and the highest security.

3. Password & expiration date setting

When sending a file, you can safely transfer the file once more through password setting.
You can automatically expire the file transfer without having to worry about as setting the file download expiration date.

4. Triple backup

All data is stored on multiple devices across at least three available areas (physically isolated locations) to be geographically separated to protect against local disasters such as fires, floods, etc., as well as external obstructions.

(Even if the system and storage are separated and exposed to the virus on Sendy, the storage where the files are stored is significantly less likely to be lost, by using popular storage companies’ products such as AWS and Azure, we have sufficient security for the virus.)

Send Anywhere and Sendy have accumulated 43 million downloads and are being used worldwide. With the security devices introduced above, there has never been an accident such as data leak in the past nine years of providing services. Manage important files with these security devices!

Safe file management, Sendy!