Oct 13, 2023
Rakuten Drive offers a great opportunity to check out the members' performances at NCT NEW TEAM's PRE-DEBUT TOUR in Japan. Subscribe to Rakuten Drive and participate in the giveaway event for the NCT NEW TEAM PRE-DEBUT TOUR!

Event details

Giveaway event will be eligible for those who have subscribed to the Rakuten Drive PRO 12-month plan through the coupon code and completed the application form. Only 72 people will be randomly chosen to go see the NCT NEW TEAM's PRE-DEBUT TOUR.🎉

Each account that subscribes to the Rakuten Drive PRO Plan will be able to apply one entry per city. We will send a separate form link to the coupon code users. The participation will be completed by entering the information in the form of the PRE-DEBUT TOUR you want to apply and submitting it.

The winner will receive an email on the winner announcement date, so please check your email box. If you receive the winning e-mail and do not reply within 24 hours, the winning will be canceled and other applicants will have a chance, so please make sure to reply.

*Please be aware of the event contents and apply during the PRE-DEBUT TOUR period of the region and date you wish to participate.
*PRE-DEBUT TOUR ticket will be provided to each person via email, and will be able to enter the PRE-DEBUT TOUR with the Anypass application.
*Participants cannot apply multiple times for each PRE-DEBUT TOUR round, and only one prize is accepted for a single account.
*Please understand that seats are designated seats and that seat information is not delivered in advance.
*Tickets delivered will not be reissued under any circumstances. You cannot enter without a ticket, so please make sure you have your ticket with you on Anypass application.
*When participating in the event, the participants are deemed to have agreed to this notice and the announcement made by Rakuten Drive.
*If you have already subscribed through the coupon code before this notice, you can complete the application according to the application period.
*Please note that users who cancel/refund their subscription before the winner announcement date will not be eligible for the lottery.
*Please understand that a refund is not possible after the application has been completed.

Event Schedule

1st Application Round
Aichi (16 tickets)
Application schedule : Oct 13th ~ Oct 30th
Winner announcement date : Oct 31st
PRE-DEBUT TOUR schedule : Nov 9th, 10th 6PM
→ Go to Application form for Aichi

2nd Application Round
Osaka (16 tickets)
Application schedule : Oct 13th ~ Nov 5th
Winner announcement date : Nov 6th
PRE-DEBUT TOUR schedule : Nov 16th, 17th 6PM
→ Go to Application form for Osaka

3rd Application Round
Fukuoka (24 tickets)
Application schedule : Oct 13th ~ Nov 23rd
Winner announcement date : Nov 24th
PRE-DEBUT TOUR schedule : Dec 3rd 3PM, 6:30PM, Dec 4th 6PM
→ Go to Application form for Fukuoka

Final Application Round
Hokkaido (16 tickets)
Application schedule : Oct 13th ~ Dec 7th
Winner announcement date : Dec 8th
PRE-DEBUT TOUR schedule : Dec 19th, 20th 6PM
→ Go to Application form for Hokkaido

*Please check the PRE-DEBUT TOUR schedule through the link below.
Check PRE-DEBUT TOUR Schedule

Event Participation

1. Subscribe to Rakuten Drive PRO via coupon code below *Required

2. Rakuten Drive Official Twitter(@Rakuten_Drive)/YouTube(@rakuten-drive-global) Account Subscription Validation (Raise the winning chances) *Optional

3. Twitter Promotional Tweet Validation (Raise the winning chances) *Optional

Rakuten Drive

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- All dates and schedules are based on Korean and Japanese time (KST, JST).
- Please note that if you are subscribed through Apple's App Store, you cannot use the promotion code.
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