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May 23, 2022

Video, audio, high-definition images and photo files are too large to transfer, and it's too difficult to send/receive with others. There are so many difficulties when it comes to large file transfer.

Today, let's learn how to quickly transfer and share large files from your smartphone to other devices like smartphone, tablet, and PC.

<Number 1. Upload large files to the cloud>

Step 1. Choose the picture in the Sendy application.

Home → Select a file or picture

? Tip. If you're uploading a everything from the album, touch the [⋮] View More button on the top right.

Step 2. If you selected all, touch the [ ⋮] More view button in the lower right corner! → Touch "Save to Sendy cloud" and all done!

? Tip. Touch '+' (Folder) to the right of the 'Save to Sendy Cloud' → 'Upload' button to create a new folder! You can create a folder by date and category, even if you haven't previously separated it.

<Number 2. Transfer large files>

Transfer large files in various ways

Home → Select File → Touch the 'Send' button in the lower right corner!

(1) Send by Email

If you want to send selected files by email, select 'email' in the transfer type,
fill in the order of Receiver, Subject (optional), and Message (optional), and send.

(2) Send by ‘Create Link’

If you want to send the selected files by link, select 'Create Link' in the transfer type, and then set the option to transfer.

Select 'Link' from the menu bar below and go to 'My Link'. Copy the link by touching the copy icon next to the link. Copy & paste the link and send it by the tool you want, such as messenger.

<Number 3. Download my files from other devices>

 (1) Download by email

Log in to the email address from a smart device/computer to download files → Click the mail received from Sendy → Click the Download button

? Tip. You can download files without installing the app, but if you want to download it quickly, try installing the Sendy app.

  (2) Download by link

Paste the copied link into your personal messenger or notes and see the Sendy link on other smartphones, tablets, and computers → Click the Download button

Transfer large amounts of photos, videos, and files easy and simple!  

Don't delete your precious memories just because you don't have enough capacity. Back up your memories with Sendy in advance on any other smartphone, tablet, or PC, and keep your precious photos and materials safe.

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Large File transfer, Sendy!