Introduction of Sendy Business

Feb 5, 2021

Sendy consists of three products:

  • Sendy Free, free for individual users
  • Sendy PRO with upgraded function and capacity from Sendy Free
  • Sendy Business getting the most efficiency out of the team

When you need teamwork online

In 2020, in the wake of the unprecedented outbreak of Covid-19, many companies and schools needed to respond to "remote" lifestyles instead of places where they have spent their daily lives. As of 2021, non-face-to-face work continues to be required, and the everyday life of Covid-19 will continue to have a profound impact on our workplace. We now need to continue to build and maintain an environment where work can go smoothly and quickly in the digital space.

The non-face-to-face business service that can provide the solution is Sendy Business. In addition to the high-capacity, high-speed file transfer, and online storage (cloud), which is essential for Business, Sendy Business also offers seamless collaboration functions. The new working-style solution for 2021 for smoother and faster work is Sendy Business.

Main features of Sendy Business

3TB cloud capacity

My Drive

Each member is given 3TB of storage space. Each member can store and manage personal files and easily share essential files with the team within 3TB of capacity.

Sendy Cloud Management Tips: The Sendy cloud subtracts the capacity of the team members who shared. It does not affect the cloud capacity of your shared team members. It allows team members who do not use a lot of cloud capacity to share primarily on team drives, saving space for other team members, allowing them to use their space more efficiently. You can also create folders on your drive called 'My Drive' without sharing any files to your Team Drive. Use your Team Drive and My Drive to make your storage more efficient.

Team Drive

Team Drive is a storage space for managing files on a team (organization). The files within the team drive are owned by the team administrator, not by the individual. Each member can upload and edit files, and only the administrator can delete them. If a member leaves the team, the folder will remain, so important files and information will continue to be shared.

You can set permissions to share files and folders within a team drive to people outside your company.

Monitoring allows you to see who shared files with people outside of your company so that you can share files safely.

Access Control

If you share a folder from the cloud, you can set four types of access for the shared recipient:

  • View: Ability to view shared folders only
  • Upload: Ability to upload files to shared folders
  • Download: Ability to download files within shared folders
  • Edit/Modify: Ability to upload, download, edit/modify files to shared folders

You can change access settings or add/delete shared members at any time.

Administrators can also identify and manage Who, When, and What access they granted.

Simple Dashboard and Team Settings

Sendy's Admin dashboard is quite simple.

  • Capacity management: Easily manage storage capacity for each member by instantly identifying how much each team member is using.
  • Add Members: If you want to add a team member, you can also add multiple people at once by uploading an email address within the specified form.
  • Team Settings: You can set the company/group logo, team name, Etc., from the Team Settings menu to manage multiple Sendy business accounts.
Sendy Business Dashboard is simple and easy to understand, making it very suitable to manage.

Team Monitoring

Monitoring service allows you to see when and what actions a team member has taken. You can also search by specifying the period and members. Searchable items include file activities such as file/folder sharing, login, password changes, adding and deleting team members, and changing team settings. Those activity report can be sent to the administrator's email.

You can immediately search for each member's activity through the Sendy Business Monitoring Function.

Sendy Business can help you succeed in your Business with space-rich, efficient management, high-speed transfer, sharing, and all the other features provided. Get started right now.

Start Sendy Business

It's simple to apply. One representative can sign up for free and upgrade your plan to Business, and you're done! At least five people can use it, and it can be used to expand its use to other organizations, starting with small companies or small organizations.

Anyone can start Sendy Business right away.

For your seamless teamwork and efficient business, Sendy is continuously developing and actively supporting you the best.

To start Sendy Business, press the Start button to log in and change the plan to Business.

If you have any questions, please contact us at