How Minaho Could Leave Work Quickly Every Day!

Jan 31, 2020

Mr. Minaho goes on frequent work trips so he rarely works in the office. There have been many cases where it has been difficult for him to share his work status with his other team members because he is often outside at external meetings.
Many times chatting via company messenger is not enough and some files must be shared in order to understand each other more fully. However, clicking each file and uploading it one by one has been extremely inconvenient, and large files were difficult to process and time-consuming to upload.

However, since using Sendy,

1. Exceptional Compatibility

He could share files directly through Sendy if you connect it with his work messenger system. Also, since he can include a description of the file for each link, he doesn’t need to go through the trouble of writing additional comments in the messenger.

2. Time Saving

Since Sendy creates and shares one link no matter the type, size, or number of files you are sharing, it is more convenient than having to click and upload each file one by one.

3. Cloud Service

He could directly save large or important files in Sendy’s Cloud service so that when needed He could send it quickly again from the Cloud without expiration.

4. Simple Interface

Anyone he worked with could easily use Sendy thanks to its easy interface. Making it simple to send files to both external partners and clients.

Enjoy a seamless workflow by connecting Sendy with your work messenger.

A powerful file transfer service for true professionals.
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