Sendy helps you to concentrate on work with No-Ads

Dec 25, 2020

■ Sendy's efficiency

Sendy aims to ensure that all business users manage their files seamlessly without losing focus on their work. That's why Sendy got rid of ads. Advertising significantly reduces the productivity of business users.

■ Is human concentration is below goldfish’s?

A study held by a Microsoft Canada team in 2015 found that human concentration lasts only for eight seconds, which is lower than nine seconds, the average attention span of a goldfish. The experiment, which defined "time focused on work frantically" as attention span and used brain waves to study 112 people's brain activity, says that since the year 2000 (when the mobile revolution began), the average attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. The reason behind the decline in concentration year by year is the wealth of information in modern society.

Also, there is a report that it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to start working again once the task has been stopped.

Although digital society allows people to access lots of information in a short time, as the volume of information increases, our attention span is definitely getting shorter. When you're doing creative work, and if you're moving from tab to tab and see personalized advertising through algorithms, or when you find attractive pop-up ads on your smartphone banner notifications, you stop working and surf the web for minutes. It isn't easy to concentrate right away, even if you rush back to work.

■ Sendy for business situations!

In this digital society, we must first create a digital environment that is right for work. Sendy got rid of Ads to increase the productivity of all users using Sendy for business purposes.

Sendy provides file transfer and online storage without ads.

Besides, Except for all the steps of 1) moving from tab to tab, 2) organizing files, 3) uploading it, 4) converting it to a zip format, 5) issue a password, 6) creating a link, 7) copying and pasting it to email, Sendy automatically convert files to zip format/ issue a password/ link it to email by doing only step 4), uploading.

Google Chrome extension allows you to attach large files directly from Gmail/Slack, Etc. Sendy helps users avoid distractions caused by unnecessary manipulation and helps them do creative and productive work.

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