Transfer large files with overwhelming speed, Sendy!

Oct 18, 2021

Are you stressed about sending big files? Mail attachment does not provide a large capacity, so it has to be sent after division. Using file transfer service is a concern about security or is reluctant to use because there are many advertisements. The most important problem is that it takes a long time. You have to spend time paying attention as you can't send or upload it quickly, and the Internet slows down while sending it, making it difficult to do other things. Solve these challenges with Sendy!

Sendy can send large files quickly with overwhelming speed. Through Send Anywhere, a file transfer service, Sendy provides fast file transfer with long-established know-how and technology.

The advantage of Sendy's high-speed transfer
-Reduces the waiting time until the transfer is completed, helping you to focus on work.
-The hassle of file division and compression is eliminated.
-Neat UI with no ads! Just focus on your work.

You can enjoy this speed when backing up or downloading files to or from Sendy Cloud as well as transferring.

Watch the speed comparison video with other file-sharing services!

*We conducted a test to upload 4.7GB of video files in the same internet environment.

Experience Sendy's transfer speed, one of the most popular parts of the customer satisfaction survey. You can send up to 10GB for free accounts and 50GB for PRO and Business accounts at once.

Large file transfer is Sendy!