Effective for telecommuting! Sendy’s transfer function

Nov 27, 2020

Problems arising from file transfers from/to devices with different operating systems

As telecommuting is rapidly increasing due to the effects of the coronavirus in 2020, more and more individuals are required to send and receive files from home, outside, anytime, anywhere. Today, many people feel that they can do anything with a smartphone or laptop. However, online file transfer is still not working well enough, so we use wire or data recording devices. Transferring between different OSs can cause problems such as errors when opening files, and sometimes the file name or letter is broken, making it difficult to organize the file.

Large file transfer problems while working

In 2018, Google reported that the number of Gmail users worldwide surpassed 1.5 billion. Many companies around the world now adopt Gmail and G-suits, and in the United States, Google Drive takes up to 57% of the business management tool market. Although Google Drive is popular, it has limited capacity when sending large files over Gmail, so people have to upload files to Google Drive and share links. This method is cumbersome and has the disadvantage of being able to share files after the file upload is complete. Additionally, it takes up the capacity of your Google Drive obviously because you need to upload files.

Other business chats (such as Slack) also have capacity limitations, requiring a procedure to change and compress the file size. Both the sender and the receiver need to take an extra step, causing inconveniences while working.

To solve the file transfer problems, the answer is Sendy!

To meet these needs, with Sendy, people can share or send in any size, any file type, any number of files, regardless of devices or OSs, and as many times as you want. People can transmit files up to 50GB at high-speeds without consuming any capacity of the cloud when using transfer service. There is no problem communicating with overseas clients because the text message is not broken between other devices such as Windows, Mac, and Smartphone, and the service is provided in both English and Japanese.

Google Chrome Extensions enable large transfers with Gmail and Business Chat you're using. Sendy is "coexisting" with the business management tools you use to help you transfer files comfortably when you are telecommuting.

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Effective for telecommuting! Sendy’s transfer function