With Chrome Extension, make Sendy Transfer even more simple!

May 16, 2022

Sendy is loved by users for its simple and fast file transfer. Do you know how to use this file transfer more easily? This is how to simplify the process when sending files through Gmail with Chrome Extension.

Today, we will learn more about how to use Chrome extension in detail.

If you are using a free plan, you can use it up to three times. (it is stored every 48 hours)
Do you want to use more features including unlimited Chrome extension transfer, up to 50GB of large file transfer, and 1TB of cloud capacity?
Try 30 days PRO trial for free!

  1. Go to Home Sendy and click [Download]
  2. Click [Chrome Web Store] and move to the Chrome Extension download page.
  3. Click [Add to Chrome] and everything is set!
  1. Write Gmail as usual on Chrome browser.
  2. You’ve got the Sendy logo at the bottom! Click the logo.
  1. Drag&drop or select the file you want to send and everything is ready!
    (You can send files/folders saved on Sendy Cloud)
  2. Choose whether you want to save them on Sendy Cloud or not
  3. If you want, set password!
  4. Press [SEND] and file is attached!

*You also can attach the link you made.
*For PRO and Business plan, you can modify the expiration date on Sendy.

Sending the files after uploading to the cloud or using other services to create links and sending them by copy&paste… Say goodbye to all these bothering processes you had to deal with when attaching large files to email. With Sendy’s Chrome Extension function, simply send large files!

Work stress goes DOWN, efficiency goes UP! Sendy