Sendy Business vs. Advanced, what's the difference?

Jun 24, 2022

Did you know that Sendy has a new plan for enterprise? If you are considering introducing an enterprise cloud, please refer to this blog post. Let me introduce you to the special features of Sendy Enterprise and the differences between Business and Advanced. First, let me introduce Sendy's product.

Sendy consists of four products that can be used depending on the purpose.

  1. Sendy Free for private users
  2. Sendy PRO with upgraded function and capacity from Sendy Free
  3. Sendy Business, maximizing team efficiency with the team drive, 3TB per person
  4. Sendy Advanced for uploading files up to 100GB at a time ?

Sendy Business/Advanced is a cloud for enterprises, provided with high-speed file transfers and unlike personal products, team clouds are provided to facilitate collaboration in the online space. Folders in the team cloud can be set permissions per team member, and all members and file activities can be monitored by the administrator to securely manage confidential files. You can use Business/Advanced from a minimum of 5 people, so you can use it freely from a small team to a large team with more than 100 people. If the number of team members increases, you can easily add more licenses for new people.

Here's a quick overview of the basic business functions:

  • 3TB cloud storage per person
  • Freely add/remove team members within the available license
  • Team Administrator Console provided
  • Team member monitoring and file activity monitoring
  • Team Logo/Name Settings

What features are added to Advanced?

*Business is given 3TB per person, so the amount of storage that individuals can operate is large, and Advanced is given at least 15TB per team, so you can control the amount of storage usage per member.

In addition, many other functions will be added and strengthened in the future.

Sendy Business is used by companies in various fields such as pharmaceuticals, animation, video production, design, and manufacturing. Meet Sendy Business's upgraded version, Sendy Advanced, which has been overwhelmingly popular for faster file upload/download, transfer speeds, and a variety of convenience features that can help you work faster and more efficiently.

Subscribe to Sendy Advanced now at a discounted price and get an additional free 30-day trial. First, enjoy the powerful features of Advanced with a free trial!

*The account that purchased the business/Advanced plan becomes the owner account. The owner account cannot be changed or moved, so we recommend that you create an account dedicated to the service and set it as an owner account, not a personal account. You can give new administrative rights to other accounts through the owner account, but you cannot have the same rights as the owner. Also, after the Business/Advanced plan ends, all data stored in the team cloud is transferred to the private cloud of the owner's account. If you need more information on the issue, please contact