Reached 32 million Users

Nov 20, 2020

The number of accumulated users of the file transfer service 'Send Anywhere' and cloud service 'Sendy' exceeded 32 million(※).

※: The total number of accumulated users (as of Nov. 2020) from the Send Anywhere  service (launched in Oct. 2012) and Sendy service (launched in Jun. 2019)

■  Background

In 2012, Send Anywhere started. It was very difficult to send and receive large files across PCs and mobile devices. To eliminate the inconveniences of file transfer, Send Anywhere provided a function to share in any size, any type, or the number of files regardless of the device or OS, and is still very popular.

Later, Sendy was launched in 2019 with the goal of providing a cloud service that can help not only individual users but also business users in all industries and professions around the world. In addition to the high-speed file transfer capabilities that Send Anywhere has, Sendy is looking to captivate business users all around the world by providing extremely rich cloud storage of 3TB per capita and monitoring features, as well as its connection to Gmail/Slack/Chatwork, and by making it easy to transfer/share/manage files for business purposes.

Send Anywhere and Sendy will continue to develop faster and more secure file transfer and cloud services, to reach the aim of "Cloud service that penetrates business tools all around the world"

sendy 32million users